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Amazon Vendor Negotiations

Understand the Amazon business model and build a long term profitable program.

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All program terms are NOT created equal

Make sure your incentives align with your Amazon Buyer to maximize growth. We help translate the business standards into program terms that make sense for everyone.

  • Payment Terms

  • Returns

  • Accrual

  • Freight Allowance

  • Damage Allowance

  • Subscribe and Save (SNS)

  • Terms and Conditions

40+ Years of Retail Experience

10+ years of Amazon Vendor Central Experience - providing insight and access to beta programs. We are the premiere manufacturer's representatives: fully dedicated to making sure your Amazon partnership is smooth and profitable.

Strategic Problem Solving

Make sure your eCommerce program is profitable. In the early Amazon days, buyers would accept every item possible into the catalog and orders would generously come through. Today we are continuously seeing Price Compression and Amazon SVMs are pushing for better partnerships. What does that mean? Amazon wants to know you are willing to invest in their business as much as they are willing to invest in yours. Keep your channel partners in line and make sure everyone is profitable.

Vendor Central Guidance

Gone are the days where you pick up the phone and call your buyer when something needs changing. Vendor Central is the portal used to make things happen and we know VC in and out.

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Teach Them To Fish

We believe in transparency and supported awareness! Our Account-Managers have training and capability to solve all technical/organizational problems that arise, and have helped companies decrease VLT incredibly for greater potential overall.

Have your team-members trained by our professionals

On day-one we will walk your team through each solution to confirm your understanding to remedy the next occurrence. This is one of the reasons why we get so many referrals. Our team is diligent about details, followup, and confirmation of tasks.

Communication above the rest

We pride ourselves on active communication. We send weekly reports, we have weekly "Amazon Pulse" meetings to make sure your team is moving in the right direction. Our team of partners can get you there.

Amazon Product Catalog Optimization

Are your sales reaching the potential? Do customers understand what you're offering? Can they find everything? We help you ensure your entire catalog is in tip-top shape.

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Build out the Selection

New Item Setup is where you can make sure your products stand out from the beginning. Everything starts at the listings. We can get your products up on Amazon quickly and thoroughly.

Build UP the Selection

Good Images? Good Title? Keywords? Color/Size/Material? These aren't buzzwords, they're the very first thing a user see's when searching. Everyone knows that first impressions are HUGE. If your titles are ugly, then your first impression won't be meaningful.

Enhance the Selection

Can you say A+ content? Brand Page Optimization? Amazon Brand Registry? These are advanced tools to make sure your customers are given a great experience when they want to learn more.

New Item Setup (NIS) Process

The beauty of digital commerce is that your products sell themselves. From the cash-cow big hitters, down to the long-tail niche goods, Amazon sells everything. Selection is the foundation of a great partnership with Amazon.

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One Word -- Growth

First impressions are EVERYTHING. We know that people make up their minds within a few seconds of seeing products, so its really important your first image and titles are optimized and consistent with the rest of your catalog.

Let the Product Sell Itself

We hate gimmicks - Selling your products has nothing to do with 'gaming a system'. It has everything to do with making a good product and clearly explaining the features and benefits. Most consultants will tell you they have a magic touch, which literally does not exist on the internet. It truly is as simple as making sure your products clearly display the features and benefits they provide. That being said, 99.9% of brands think their product pages are good enough even though they are usually sub-par! Even for seemingly-commodity products, a great description goes a long way. Some Examples:

Fast turn-around, Follow-through

We pride our selves on fast turn-around with a good thorough workflow. Our Goal is to finish a first pass in 1-week. Get the items up and in-network while making another pass. Best case scenario is that your packaging team has enough content written down somewhere in a pdf or word document. We take as much information as possible and reformat it for the Amazon VendorCentral(VC) system.

Amazon A+ Content (Examples)

A+ Content serves as your best salesperson
Available 24 hours a day, serving as virtual product packaging

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A9 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Great search can seem to customers like it is reading their minds. The Amazon Search Algorithm(A9) gives suggestions on how to formulate queries as soon as the customer starts typing. We use proprietary tools to make sure our items are ranking properly in the search engine.

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Our team has built search engines(actual ones) - We understand SEO(Search Engine Optimization) more than any other agency

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is about finding the most popular keywords that your items are likely to be categorized by... Ask your current rep agency for an SEO report and watch their eyes widen because they really do not have a clue beyond buzzwords that they read on the internet. SEO is about understanding Google Page Rank AND A9 Algorithm for Satisfaction and Conversion and making sure your items are ranking for the right words.

We make sure your products sell

Anderson Associates has built a core competency around making sure products sell. We're continuously evaluating our data to make sure that products are ranking well with search engine optimization. Our main priority is making sure that Amazon's internal search algorithm(A9) is ranking your brand well.

Inventory Forecast and Management

Amazon is an industry leader in operational excellence and technology. Their lead times are best in class and we help brands perform optimally.

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Never Miss a Sale

Amazon is constantly working towards JIT(Just-In-Time) inventory

We make sure your orders get out the door on time

Financial Chargeback Recoveries

Amazon Vendor Central follows strict operational guidelines and audits. Make sure you're following up to date guidelines and keeping every dollar that you earn.

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We wrangle Amazon invoices

To solve quantity and price shortage claims


We dispute chargebacks, push to prevent reoccurring

Troubleshooting Invoices

Understand root causes and communicating fixes

Amazon Stores for Vendors

Amazon Stores offer a unique landing experience created by brand specialists. It also gives you control and analytics inside your Branded Amazon landing site experience.

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Get an enhanced Landing Store!

Amazon Stores allow your brand to build unique shopping experience. Its a great landing page to drive traffic and to showcase your brand using a unique Amazon web address.

What Capabilities are available with Amazon Stores?

Amazon Stores is a new and improved way for Vendors/Brands to build a unique shopping experience. It offers the ability to create multiple pages with unique headers for each one. Often a Brand wants to offer a page per "product category". You can easily create multiple pages on your store and create links between them.

Are Amazon Stores mobile-friendly?

YES! Amazon Stores are 100% responsive to your customers device! If you with mobile-friendly templates to add new products and tell a story about your brand.

Who is eligible for Amazon Stores?

You are automatically eligible for Amazon Stores if you are a Vendor! Creating an Amazon Store is free of charge and you can create one using the Store Builder, Amazon’s self-service brand store builder. Amazon Store Builder is available through

Amazon SIOC Certification Consultants

Amazon SIOC Compliance is a big issue in 2019 and Beyond.
We support your brand to grow your momentum.

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SIOC Packaging Certifications

SIOC Compliance is a huge topic of 2019 and beyond because Amazon is forcing Vendors into compliance mid-year. Vendors that are not compliant will quickly see chargebacks heading into their

FFP / PFP Certification Support

FFP And PFP are other ways to make your packages more efficient

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