Sell Your Amazon FBA Business

Successfully exit your Amazon business and entrust it to a proven seller. We’ll bring your brand into our ecosystem of e-commerce software and services, accelerating the growth you started.

Our operational programs are specifically geared to maximize your profitability through 3 main improvements:

Manufacturers Reps are compensated through a commission structure.

Core Services Included With All Contracts:

Do You Need More Sales?

Of course you do! I wouldn't believe anyone that said "we have enough sales as-is".

Your financial well-being depends on growing sales this year, and next year, and Amazon is the most mis-understood sales channel and ecosystem in the history of retail.

The MOST IMPORANT question is — How can we create sustainable sales growth?

Your company makes a great product and you spent a career crafting your skills as a salesperson.

And now you’re expected to be an internet marketing expert?

Well yes! That is what Amazon is after all... An Internet Marketing website (that also handles transactions, logistics, and customer service).

Amazon currently uses hundreds of signals when calculating their search engine which maximizes THEIR profitability.

We know their most important assets are vast selection, superior customer services, and user-generated ratings and reviews.

It would benefit all their customers and shareholders, if they continue to maximize those assets.

And their search engine is smart enough to quantify that, and more, like returns, glance views and conversions by keyword. How can you know where to start?

You are also responsible for fighting shipment, packaging, and invoice chargebacks!

Thats where we come in!

Our team of experts knows how to strategize and execute with discipline.

Look at this example below (Company #1). They were selling between $5K and$10K per week.

They became a client somewhere mid-2017, but the sales director was not taking any of our feedback and requests to heart.

Right around January 2018 they decided to follow our playbook:

That grow came without spending a single dollar on AMS Ads.

Our team knows how to unlock the full potential of your catalog and push sales up and to the right.

The majority of our client contracts are pay-for-performance. We do this to align incentives between our organizations.

That alignment means that we are going to work harder, that is how we put food on the table every night, just like you.

Another brand we helped (Company #2), was launching a retail product with 50-years of experience in heavy industrial.

They were fighting with natural forces, trying hard to sell products with a poor foundation on their Amazon strategy. They had one week of orders over $5K.

We signed on as they were treading water mid-2018. We suggested to re-focus on their strengths, touch up their SEO, and expand the product-line.

The sales momentum tripled. 2019 will be 3.5x higher than 2018. Orders are still growing. Each week now between $5K and $10K. We plan to do the same with Company #2 as we did for Company #1.

We are specialists at VendorCentral account Management. the leading manufacturers rep agency, with a long history of helping brands grow on their VendorCentral accounts and SellerCentral merchant businesses.

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