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Get an enhanced Landing Store!

Amazon Stores allow your brand to build unique shopping experience. Its a great landing page to drive traffic and to showcase your brand using a unique Amazon web address.

What Capabilities are available with Amazon Stores?

Amazon Stores is a new and improved way for Vendors/Brands to build a unique shopping experience. It offers the ability to create multiple pages with unique headers for each one. Often a Brand wants to offer a page per "product category". You can easily create multiple pages on your store and create links between them.

Are Amazon Stores mobile-friendly?

YES! Amazon Stores are 100% responsive to your customers device! If you with mobile-friendly templates to add new products and tell a story about your brand.

Who is eligible for Amazon Stores?

You are automatically eligible for Amazon Stores if you are a Vendor! Creating an Amazon Store is free of charge and you can create one using the Store Builder, Amazon’s self-service brand store builder. Amazon Store Builder is available through

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