New Item Setup (NIS) Process

The beauty of digital commerce is that your products sell themselves. From the cash-cow big hitters, down to the long-tail niche goods, Amazon sells everything. Selection is the foundation of a great partnership with Amazon.

- New Item Setup (NIS) Process

One Word -- Growth

First impressions are EVERYTHING. We know that people make up their minds within a few seconds of seeing products, so its really important your first image and titles are optimized and consistent with the rest of your catalog.

Let the Product Sell Itself

We hate gimmicks - Selling your products has nothing to do with 'gaming a system'. It has everything to do with making a good product and clearly explaining the features and benefits. Most consultants will tell you they have a magic touch, which literally does not exist on the internet. It truly is as simple as making sure your products clearly display the features and benefits they provide. That being said, 99.9% of brands think their product pages are good enough even though they are usually sub-par! Even for seemingly-commodity products, a great description goes a long way. Some Examples:

Fast turn-around, Follow-through

We pride our selves on fast turn-around with a good thorough workflow. Our Goal is to finish a first pass in 1-week. Get the items up and in-network while making another pass. Best case scenario is that your packaging team has enough content written down somewhere in a pdf or word document. We take as much information as possible and reformat it for the Amazon VendorCentral(VC) system.

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