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  • We are a Full-Service Agency for Amazon Sellers for 1P / 3P and Hybrid Brands

  • Full-Service Agency for Amazon Sellers
  • Serving clients since 2009 (15 years in business)
  • Advertising Management & Reporting
  • Strategy/Forecasting and 1P ⟶ 3P Migrations
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— with discipline and strategy, you can be confident with your eCommerce sales.

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Who? / What? / How Much?

We are Amazon-Focused Manufacturer's Reps

Our operational programs are specifically geared to maximize your profitability through 3 main improvements:

  1. Increasing the ROI on your product assortment
  2. Educating your team to make decisions faster
  3. Building long-term strategies to that make your team succeed

Manufacturers Reps are compensated through a commission structure.

  • You pay us 5% percent of your NET Amazon Payouts
  • Returns / Freight / Chargebacks are removed from commission calculations, so you never pay commissions against those fees
  • 30 Day Risk Free - We offer a risk free trial, if you don't like our services after 30-days you can cancel our contract without paying anything.
  • Month-to-Month service contract - Our contracts are straight-forward, we help manage your account and grow sales, you pay us a commission.
  • Never pay more than 5% Commission - Our fees are transparent, complete account management is covered.
  • Veteran Manufacturers Representatives - well-versed in retail distribution, supply-chain economics, and product placement.

Un-Matched Amazon expertise

Tech-enabled partner. We have API access to the advertising & MWS platforms

2 paths to success, Our agency manages your account OR you can sell directly to us.

Standard agency is 5% commission.

Discover all the opportunities you can have with an Anderson Agency partnership.

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