My Amazon Wishlist (as a VendorCentral brand)

“How can Amazon become the best marketplace?”

Vendor: When a product is “Ship from and sold by” - that product is purchased from a vendor by Amazon.

In a perfect world, brand-registry should give you complete control of your catalog. You should be able to block all other offers if you don’t own them. Instead of this weird place where some dude in his garage can buy products from walmart/costco and sell them as your brand.

The clear differences between Vendors/Sellers:

  • Vendors get large purchase orders/invoices. Sellers get all the transaction data (data overload)
  • Vendors get zero customer interaction. FBA Sellers get random customer questions, FBM Sellers get all the customer interaction

A Vendor with brand-registry should have 100% control of their CATALOG CONTENT.

  • Brands should be able to fuck shit up.
  • Brands should be able to merge ASINs with crappy 3P sellers.
  • Brands should be able to make variations of any shape/size (3P requests should presented to 1P as moderated content) Their actions (either mistakes or purposeful intent) should be public and visible.

Please stop price-matching EVERYONE

  • ebay and fly-by-night shopify stores should be totally ignored
  • brand websites should be totally ignored

Vendors should have 100% control of their COSTS in your purchase-orders

  • You should show a list of unprofitable SKUs
  • You should show WHY product is unprofitable (sellers have 100% visibility into costs, why don’t vendors?)

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