How to Create Single Use Promo Codes for Amazon

Successfully Running limited Promotions

NOTE: You cannot do this with VendorCentral! See the differences between VendorCentral and SellerCentral

Single-use coupons are great for social media contests and such, because you can discount an item significantly and know that Amazon will limit sales to the number of units that you’ve chosen.

This process will prevent a coupon from being widely distributed through deal sites and maintains your control of inventory.

Follow these instructions to create single use coupon-codes.

Log in to Amazon Seller Central, then

click Promotions under the Advertising drop down

click Promotions promotions under advertising dropdown

Click Create in the Percentage Off section

Click Create in the Percentage Off section

Click Create a new product selection

Click Create a new product selection

Select ASIN List from the dropdown menu, then click Create Product Selection

select ASIN List

Enter a Product Name and Internal Description (These are for tracking purposes only) Then, enter the ASIN for the product to promote.

ASIN input

You’ll now see the success message

product selection success

Now, go back to the Create a New Promotion page and select the product you just created in the dropdown

product selection success

Select a Start Date and End Date for your promotion.

product selection success

Select Single-use, check “One redemption per customer” and set claim code combinability to “Exclusive”

product selection success

Review the details are correct, then click Submit to create your promotion

review the options

After you create a promotion, click the Manage Your Promotions tab

after successfully creating a promotion

Click your promotion in the list.

click promotion in the list

Click the Manage Claim Codes button.

click manage claim codes

Enter a group name, (this is for your tracking purposes only and does not really matter) then enter the quantity of promotion codes to create:

enter a group name

Click download. This will download a text file with a batch of single use coupons:

download the codes

Open the text file. Select all and copy the single use coupons:

You have generated the codes

Congratulations on generating the single use coupons! Go ahead and give them away to start generating some sales!

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