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network: GeekWire Podcast: Amazon CTO Werner Vogels on the rapid progress of AI, and its impact on society

network: Kuiper satellite network gets a big lift from Amazon’s CEO, but timeline is a bit hazy

network: Thinking in primitives at the world’s biggest startup: Notes on Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s annual letter

network: Amazon names business and tech leader Andrew Ng to its board, boosting AI expertise

advertising: Explore Amazon DSP’s creative with the new creative gallery

network: Amazon Dash Cart vs. ‘Just Walk Out’: We put the tech giant’s new grocery strategy to the test

network: Amazon’s total Washington state employment declines for the first time, new numbers show

network: Where Amazon Web Services is still hiring after cutting hundreds of jobs this week

network: Notification of upcoming product type (PT) availability

advertising: Location targeting line item page simplification for Self Service

network: Amazon Web Services cuts hundreds of jobs in sales, training, and physical stores tech group

network: Amazon closing smaller Fresh grocery store in Seattle as it focuses on expanded format stores

network: Updates to listing attribute usage and enumeration values

advertising: Resolve creative rejections faster with asset-level moderation in Amazon DSP

network: Get early access to New Fulfillment Inbound API v2024-03-20

advertising: Amazon DSP Campaign Overview Page

network: New metrics added to the FBA Manage Inventory Health Report for the US marketplace

advertising: Amazon DSP customers can use Jivox creative tags to buy video inventory

advertising: Amazon DSP customers can use Extreme Reach creative tags to buy video inventory

network: Update: Shipping API v2 now includes Non-Devliery Report (NDR) Feedback

network: Update: Merchant Fulfillment API v0 now provides dangerous goods (DG) details

network: Update: Marketplace ASIN Page View Metrics report now supported in UK Marketplace


network: The Fulfillment Outbound API now supports MCF Orders for India

network: Python and JavaScript client libraries for SDKs now available for Selling Partner API

network: Deprecation Reminders - March 2024

network: Deprecation of Feeds API support for XML and Flat File Listings Feeds

network: Amazon’s latest AI feature will let sellers generate product listings from their existing websites

advertising: Use persona builder to create and get insights on your personas

network: Update to the Amazon Acceptable Use Policy

network: March updates to Listing attribute usage and enumeration values

network: Will AI change how we shop? What it’s like to use Amazon’s new Rufus assistant

network: How Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Amazon use big bets to build durable businesses in turbulent times

advertising: Change your language preference in Amazon DSP

advertising: Sponsored TV signals are now available in Amazon Marketing Cloud

advertising: Responsive eCommerce creative — Allows for easy creative optimization between available ad variations and fast generation of responsive ads in all traditional sizes

network: Deprecation of LISTINGS_ITEM_ISSUES_CHANGE notification payload version 1.0

network: Author and former Navy SEAL David Goggins sues Amazon over bootleg books

network: Deprecation Reminders - February 2024

network: New code samples for Multi-Channel Fulfillment

network: Application Management API v2023-11-30 is now in Production

network: New feature allows Amazon Fresh shoppers to lock in recurring time slot for grocery pickup or delivery

advertising: Advertise Audible titles with Sponsored Brands

advertising: Sponsored Brands video introduces vertical video creatives on the advertising console and Amazon Ads API

advertising: Deepen your understanding of your Brand Store via new metrics

advertising: Unlock the potential of app campaigns with Amazon DSP events manager

advertising: Increase the chance to get your Amazon DSP creative approved

network: February updates to Listing attribute usage and enumeration values

network: Amazon unveils ‘Rufus’ AI shopping assistant, rolling out in coming weeks in mobile app

network: Amazon shares rise 6% as cloud and advertising power record Q4 revenue of $170B

network: Amazon plans to ‘hold the line’ on job growth as hiring slowdown contributes to record profits

network: Update: Orders API v0 now supports ExtendedFields for Brazil shipping addresses

network: Update: Listings Items API v2021-08-01 now supports previewing errors

network: Update: Fulfillment Inbound API v0 now supports ShipsInProductPackaging

network: Deprecation Reminders - January 2024

network: Amazon earnings preview: AWS, advertising, AI in the spotlight for holiday quarter results

network: Amazon delivery gets faster, with 65% jump in number of same-day and overnight items in U.S.

network: Amazon terminates $1.4B iRobot deal, blames ‘disproportionate’ regulatory hurdles

advertising: Bulksheets for Amazon DSP Contextual Targeting

network: GeekWire Podcast: Costco vs. Amazon, Microsoft’s latest Copilot, and a Zulily conspiracy theory

network: Amazon not planning to add delivery fees in Seattle as new minimum wage law impacts Flex drivers

advertising: Use persona builder (beta) to create and get insights on your personas

network: Amazon Business leader taking leave of absence; Devices exec will step in to fill role

network: ‘Unfinished business’: Ring CEO Liz Hamren leads Amazon’s home monitoring products into the AI era

advertising: Sponsored ads consolidated invoice statement download is now global

advertising: Rest of Search Bid Adjustment for Sponsored Products

advertising: Get greater transparency for your Freevee campaigns with Content Genre and Content Rating reporting.

advertising: Sponsored Display is expanded to Amazon Business globally

network: Amazon shuts down last remaining Fresh Pickup location in Seattle, but keeps package service open

network: Updates to Listing attribute usage and enumeration values

advertising: Sponsored Brands video introduces video-only creatives on the advertising console and Amazon Ads API

advertising: Alexa is now available as a new supply source for Standard display and AAP-mobile app

advertising: Sponsored Brands introduces theme targeting to enhance goal-based campaigns

network: Ads coming to Amazon Prime Video movies and TV shows starting Jan. 29

advertising: Language translations are now available for Sponsored Display custom creatives

advertising: Activate your programmatic deals faster by using the new deals widget

network: Surviving Amazon: Work, life, and bias inside one of the world’s most ambitious businesses

advertising: Connect with unique audiences with full-screen Fire Tablet lockscreen ads

network: New blog post! Fulfilling Amazon and external orders with the Selling Partner API

advertising: Posts now supports vertical video format

network: December 2023 SP-API Release Announcement

network: Amazon brings back ability to use Alexa to thank and tip delivery drivers during holiday rush

network: Zulily sues Amazon, alleging that price-fixing and supplier coercion sunk its attempts to compete

advertising: Let shoppers engage with your brand across multiple products using Amazon Video Builder

network: Amazon asks court to toss FTC case, saying its practices are ‘the essence of competition’

advertising: Responsive eCommerce creative (REC) on 3p Native Inventories

advertising: Manage advertising across countries from a single sponsored ads account for authors

advertising: Leverage new inventory sources with programmatic guaranteed deals for Video

network: AWS VP Matt Wood on AI for Business

advertising: New features for authors on Sponsored Brand – Custom Image, Video ads, Ad groups

advertising: Extend reach while maintaining relevancy with Amazon Marketing Cloud lookalike audiences

network: Amazon restructures seller fees to match its regional fulfillment strategy amid FTC lawsuit

advertising: Use overlapping audiences to identify new, similar audiences

advertising: Sponsored Display improves bid recommendations by supporting campaigns with video creatives

advertising: Hours of day now available for schedule-based budget rules

network: New blog post! Enhance your order workflow with the ORDER_CHANGE notification

network: Amazon inks new deal with NASCAR, bolstering sports streaming portfolio

network: Sphere of influence? Google’s big Vegas ad buy clouds the landscape at Amazon re:Invent

network: AWS unveils ‘Amazon Q’ AI assistant, jabs at Microsoft and OpenAI at re:Invent

network: EU regulators say Amazon’s iRobot deal could ‘restrict competiton’

network: UPDATE: Discontinued Support - LWA Tokens can no longer retrieve PII in Selling Partner API

advertising: New Content Controls for Twitch Premium Video now available on Amazon DSP

network: New blog post! Automate your Vendor Central Direct Fulfillment purchase orders workflow

network: Internal memo: Amazon will cut ‘several hundred’ Alexa jobs as it ends unspecified initiatives

advertising: New standard display template reduces the time to build a creative by 70%

network: New Data Kiosk API reports experience available as public beta

network: Amazon’s Astro robot gets its first job, going to work as a security guard

network: Amazon will officially merge Comixology with Kindle in December

advertising: Alexa is now available as a new supply source for Amazon mobile display

network: Amazon ordered to pay $46.7M in jury verdict over Alexa and Echo voice technologies

network: Amazon hit with another class action lawsuit over refunds on returned products

network: Amazon allows all non-Prime members to use Amazon Fresh online grocery service

network: November 2023 SP-API Release Announcement

network: Amazon adds new Prime benefit with One Medical virtual and in-person health care service

advertising: Schedule based bid rules now available for Sponsored Products

network: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman on possibility of ChatGPT device: ‘We’d like to figure out something amazing’

network: Internal memo: Amazon Web Services plans reorg of Sales, Marketing, and Global Services team

network: Amazon holiday ad captures the joy of friendship — and sledding — at any age

network: Amazon closing its ‘Style’ physical clothing stores, will continue investing in grocery

network: New blog post! Monitor SP-API throttling with CloudWatch

network: Getting to know ‘Digit,’ the humanoid robot that Amazon just started testing for warehouse work

network: Amazon stock rises after beating Q3 estimates with $143.1B in revenue, $9.9B in profits

advertising: Sponsored Brands goal-based campaigns

advertising: Reach and inspire new audiences using Sponsored TV

advertising: New-to-brand - detail page view metrics are available globally now via DSP UI and downloadable reports | Amazon Ads

advertising: Leverage the power of artificial intelligence with image generation for Sponsored Brands

advertising: Introducing the Amazon Ads cross-channel planner

advertising: Interactive audio ads is now available both on Amazon Music ad-supported tier and Amazon Publisher Direct on Alexa in the US

advertising: Helping customers discover new selection with Sponsored Products on premium apps and websites

advertising: French advertisers can now measure brand marketing impact using Amazon Brand Lift

advertising: Expand reach to engaged viewers on Amazon Freevee

advertising: Creative Testing (beta) now available in CA, DE, and UK to help optimize marketing strategies

advertising: Create deals with Twitch premium preferred deals now generally available globally in Amazon DSP

advertising: Boost and measure interactivity across more streaming TV video ad supply

advertising: Amazon Marketing Cloud now supports flexible audience segment insights (beta)

advertising: Amazon Marketing Cloud now offers sandbox environment

advertising: Amazon Marketing Cloud APIs are now part of the Amazon Ads API

advertising: Amazon Marketing Cloud and Amazon DSP are now integrated with nine Customer Data Platform solutions

network: Amazon earnings preview: AWS growth and AI strategy in the spotlight

advertising: Amazon DSP launches goal-based bidding

advertising: Amazon DSP launches Contextual Targeting GA worldwide

advertising: Amazon Ads announces Amazon Publisher Cloud, a new clean room service for publishers

advertising: Add-to-cart and new-to-brand - detail page view metrics are available globally now via SD and SB API reports

network: A first-hand look at Amazon’s new ‘Sequoia’ warehouse robotic system

advertising: Manage frequency across multiple orders with Frequency groups

network: Drugs via drone (legally): Amazon offers free aerial delivery of prescriptions in Texas town

network: Amazon unveils ‘Sequoia’ warehouse robotics system and starts testing Agility’s Digit robot

advertising: Sponsored Display optimization strategy with cost controls (beta) is now available

network: New blog post! Optimize your business using rapid retail analytics data

network: Inside Amazon’s Rivian electric van: A greener, quieter ride — and a sliding door fit for Star Trek

network: Amazon, Expedia, Glassdoor, and others form coalition to fight fake reviews

network: Amazon partners with Petco in latest expansion of return drop-off footprint

network: New blog post! Enhancing user reviews and feedback

network: October 2023 SP-API Release Announcement

network: USPS Ground Advantage is now available for Amazon Buy Shipping

network: Report: FTC alleges Amazon tested price increases as part of secret ‘Project Nessie’

network: New blog post! Retrieve Merchant Shipping Templates using the Product Type Definitions API

network: Testing Amazon’s new cashierless clothing shop at Lumen Field that uses RFID technology

advertising: Self-service entertainment advertisers can now run Feature Rotator ads on Fire TV

network: Cashierless clothing shop: Testing a new Seattle Seahawks store that uses Amazon tech and RFIDs

advertising: New Delivery Metrics: Order-Level Delivery Rate and Budget at Risk

advertising: Generate a single sponsored ads campaign report for all countries at once with a currency of your choice

network: FTC’s case against Amazon hinges on internal messages and secrets yet to be revealed

network: SP-API no longer requires AWS IAM or AWS Signature Version 4

network: FTC targets alleged secret Amazon pricing algorithm ‘Project Nessie’ in antitrust complaint

network: FTC and 17 states sue Amazon for alleged monopoly

network: Amazon pours up to $4B into AI startup Anthropic, escalating rivalry with Microsoft and Google

network: Interview: UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt visits Amazon and Microsoft; talks AI, China, economy

seller: Reminder: Send in FBA and MCF inventory by October 26 before holiday deal events

seller: Find out how to add inventory with upcoming webinar series

network: Amazon to add commercial breaks to Prime Video shows and movies

advertising: View and manage sponsored ads campaigns from any country in a single campaign manager view and convert currency metrics to the currency of your choice.

network: New product listing attributes required for new listings after October 3, 2023

network: New Features Announced at Accelerate

seller: Get more control of automated handling time with feature updates

seller: Explore automated pricing with third-party app SellerEngine

network: September 2023 SP-API Release Announcement

seller: Prepare for Prime Big Deal Days on October 10-11

seller: Find and add the right B2B products for Amazon Business customers

seller: Customers will now see sales trend for your eligible listings

network: Amazon unveils new AI features in quest to make Alexa ‘superhuman’

network: Amazon previews Alexa ‘Let’s Chat’ feature for Echo devices, building on generative AI technology

seller: One week to go: Don’t miss the Amazon Ads holiday summit

network: Amazon to hire 250k U.S. holiday workers, up 100k from last year, projecting strong shopping season

network: Amazon adds RFID capability to ‘Just Walk Out’ to enable cashierless shopping for clothing and more

network: Report: Departing Microsoft exec Panos Panay set to lead Amazon’s Alexa and Echo business

seller: New product listing attributes required for new listings after October 3, 2023

seller: Find out how to simplify your shipping and reduce costs with Veeqo

network: FBA Small and Light program deprecation

network: ListPrice attribute required for additional product types

seller: Get your ecommerce questions answered by Helium 10, A2X, and SellersFi

vendor: Save the date for the Amazon Ads holiday summit

seller: Customer analytics, View in Your Room and Fit Insights announced at Accelerate

seller: Buy with Prime announces Shopify app, reviews, cart, and 24/7 live chat

network: Amazon Supporting Sellers with AI Listings

network: Amazon Boosts Wages for Contracted Drivers

seller: Accelerate wraps up with sustainability initiatives and purpose-driven businesses

advertising: Re-engage with your audiences directed to the Amazon store from your off-Amazon ad traffic with Amazon Attribution re-marketing

network: ListPrice attribute required for select product types

vendor: Get help on your Amazon Ads campaigns with our September webinars

seller: Generative AI listing capabilities announced at Amazon Accelerate

network: Former Intuit CEO Brad Smith joins Amazon board

seller: Amazon Shipping, Veeqo Credits, and Emerald notifications announced at Accelerate Day 1

network: Amazon rolls out ground shipping service for sellers in broader challenge to UPS and FedEx

seller: New service offers end-to-end supply chain management across all sales channels

network: Amazon expands supply chain services amid growing scrutiny of its relationship with sellers

seller: Amazon Accelerate starts tomorrow and virtual attendance is free

vendor: Prepare your business for holiday deals

seller: Identify customer demand for new products with Opportunity Explorer

network: Amazon distinguishes between AI ‘generated’ and ‘assisted’ content in new policy for Kindle authors

seller: Update to FBA removals policy

network: New Similar Product Dashboard Allows for Competitive Pricing

network: New robots are making Amazon’s warehouses more efficient — can they also make them safer?

advertising: Delivery troubleshooting launches for all self service customers to include Open Exchange inventory

network: Amazon Faces Regulatory Storm as FTC Threatens Legal Action

seller: 2023 holiday readiness and capacity limits in November

seller: Set competitive prices with new Similar Product dashboard

seller: Learn how to sharpen B2B pricing to drive increased sales in upcoming Amazon Business webinar

network: Amazon adds three execs to its senior leadership team — here’s how the list has changed this year

advertising: Slideshow ads creative is now available for Sponsored Brands advertisers

seller: Offer percentage-off discounts with Manage Your Customer Engagement

network: FBA Aggregator Benitago Files for Bankruptcy

network: Bankruptcy of Benitago Highlights Challenges for Amazon Marketplace Investors

seller: Identify opportunities to sell products that are in high demand in the EU, the UK, and Japan

network: E-commerce rivals Amazon and Shopify reach truce on ‘Buy with Prime’ integration

network: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to be integrated on the same devices for the first time

network: Grubhub adding Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ tech to college campus dining experiences

network: Amazon raises free shipping minimum order amount to $35 for some non-Prime customers

seller: Image policy update for adult DVDs, books, magazines, and calendars

seller: Make the most of your back-to-school campaigns with Sponsored Products bids

seller: Best practices for Amazon resellers

advertising: Amazon DSP launches Household Reach and Frequency Measurement for Streaming TV (STV)

seller: New product listing attributes required for new listings after September 12, 2023

network: New blog post! Selling Partner OAuth 2.0 workflows: understand and optimize your OAuth integration

seller: Create promotions in fewer steps with new, simplified process

seller: Track your FBA shipments from China with reliable ShipTrack carriers

network: Inside the first liquor store to use Amazon’s cashierless technology

network: Amazon is testing a new way to show ratings on product search pages

vendor: Find packaging solutions at the new Amazon Packaging website

network: Wash. safety regulators cite Amazon for ‘willful’ violations; company calls claim ‘categorically false’

seller: Build your Amazon Accelerate agenda before the conference on September 13-14

network: August 2023 SP-API Release Announcement

network: TLS versions 1.1 and earlier are deprecated

network: New blog post! Map Merchant Fulfillment API, Orders API, and Reports API from MWS to SP-API

seller: Get answers to your questions about the Report a Violation tool

seller: 2023 Holiday Peak Fulfillment Fee for Fulfillment by Amazon

advertising: Showcase your product collection with video to Stores campaigns

seller: Find out how brands save money with Amazon Bulk Services

network: Amazon rolls out AI-generated summaries of customer reviews

network: Amazon devices chief Dave Limp is leaving in latest executive departure

Run A/B tests that can help increase sales with our Best Practice Guide

vendor: Get tips from Amazon Ads experts with our August webinars

seller: Find out how to outsource fulfillment with our FBA webinars

advertising: Line item moderation

seller: Browse learning modules without leaving the Build Your Brand page

network: Orders older than two years will be automatically archived in NA and EU marketplaces

seller: Amazon achieves faster-than-ever delivery speeds

advertising: Pacing Alerts and Recommendations launch as an in line experience for self service customers

network: Notification of upcoming product type (PT) availability

seller: New Seller Enrollment for Seller Fulfilled Prime Will Reopen on October 1, 2023

network: Amazon will put on another Prime Day event in October

seller: Prepare your FBA inventory now to maximize holiday sales

network: Notice of increase in mandatory attributes for select product types

network: Amazon’s three-layered AI strategy, how AI startups can stand out, and hope for AI and humanity

network: Amazon’s online store sales dip below 40% of net sales for first time, and other earnings notes

seller: Get answers about Amazon Accelerate at an Ask Amazon event on August 10

network: Amazon stock jumps 7% after Q2 earnings beat estimates with $134.4B in revenue

seller: Learn how brands can earn a bonus on off-Amazon marketing campaigns

network: Amazon opens Amazon Fresh grocery delivery to non-Prime members

vendor: Protect your brand with 20,000 free Transparency codes for one year

Optimize your keywords to maximize your post Prime Day campaigns

Create customized promo codes with Brand Tailored Promotions

Amazon: More than half of deliveries now arrive same-day or next-day in top 60 U.S. metro areas

Update: Premium A+ Content module specifications guide now available for brands

advertising: Sponsored Products launches campaigns with preset campaign settings

Orders older than two years to be archived starting in September

Important trailer seal requirements for some FBA shipments

vendor: Trailer seal requirements for full truckload and intermodal shipments

Improve your product ratings with the Customer review insights tab

Amazon Buy Shipping now offers the lowest commercial USPS rates available

Amazon and iRobot reduce acquisition price as struggling Roomba maker takes on new debt

vendor: Watch these new videos to learn digital advertising basics

Protect your brand with 20,000 free Transparency codes for one year

USPS Ground Advantage is coming soon to Amazon Buy Shipping

Amazon to expand palm recognition technology to all 500+ U.S. Whole Foods stores

Uncover product opportunities with the new Search by ASIN feature

Provide consistent quantity information for your customers with size normalization

seller: Sale of mouth tape no longer permitted, effective July 31

Protect your IP and manage your listings with Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon’s Alexa and the rapid evolution of AI: A conversation with Alexa chief Rohit Prasad

seller: Learn the basics of digital advertising with our new video course

‘Largest sales day in Amazon’s history’: Customers bought 375M items during Prime Day

Clarification to issued LWA credentials awareness announcement

Reminder and best practices to keep Amazon LWA client credentials secure

Invite-only deals give Amazon Prime Day a new twist, with secretive selection process

seller: Download payments reports faster with Payments Reports Repository

How Amazon uses AI to prevent damaged products from arriving on your doorstep

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy on making AI chips, Prime Video spend, speeding up shipping

Amazon now has more than 5,000 electric delivery vehicles in the U.S.

seller: Create listings that convert with Jungle Scout

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advertising: Amazon Ads Campaign Optimization and Amazon Ads Advanced Retail Certifications launch on the learning console

seller: Low-Price FBA rates to replace Small and Light on August 29

Amazon’s Sparrow is leaving the nest: Trailblazing warehouse robot is ready for a wider rollout

seller: View more insights on your FBA returns

seller: New options to report seller-fulfilled returns issues

Amazon partners with Staples to add nearly 1,000 drop-off locations for customer returns

seller: Prepare your brand for Prime Day with Amazon Ads

Amazon, Uber, and Lyft sue seller over rogue rideshare signs — here’s what he says in response

seller: Update: Enroll two units in Amazon Vine for free until July 21

seller: If you have outstanding verification requirements to comply with INFORM, provide now

seller: Create title and image experiments on the Manage Inventory page

seller: Grow your business with third-party apps in the Selling Partner Appstore

vendor: Prepare for Prime Day with new videos and guidebook from Amazon Ads

seller: Optimize your Amazon Ads campaigns for Prime Day

vendor: Help boost sales with size normalization

June 2023 SP-API Release Announcement

seller: Prepare for 2023 back to school and off to college

seller: More products eligible for Amazon Outlet deals

seller: Get ready for Prime Day on July 11 – 12, 2023

seller: Reminder: Update your information by June 27 for INFORM Act compliance

seller: Understand how shipping performance affects your account health

seller: Update to Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment reimbursement policy

seller: Some product attributes are required for new listings as of July 18

seller: Inventory overview page to be integrated into FBA Dashboard

seller: Increase Amazon Business sales with the right products and pricing

seller: Seller Fulfilled Prime will reopen new enrollment in 2023

seller: Sell more during busy shopping periods with sponsored ads

seller: Showcase your Brand Story on the detail page

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seller: June 6-7: Get tips to optimize your Amazon Ads strategy during peak periods

seller: Prepare for August 31 migration from Marketplace Web Service to SP-API

seller: Get answers to Send to Amazon delivery window questions at June 6 Ask Amazon event

seller: Brands can start A/B tests faster with the new Manage Your Experiments experience

seller: Get expert tips on how to use sponsored ads for major shopping events

seller: Engage repeat customers with our new email marketing feature

seller: Update on the Featured Offer percentage metric

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seller: Heavy and Bulky items no longer eligible for Amazon Vine

seller: Update your SP-API login with Amazon credentials by May 22

seller: Learn how to plan for busy shopping periods with Amazon Ads

seller: Print Buy Shipping labels in bulk with QZ Tray

Notification of mandatory attributes for select product types

seller: Improve your channel traffic strategy with our 2022 insights

seller: New Small Business Search filter

seller: New US INFORM Consumers Act imposes new requirements for sellers

seller: Maximize pay-per-click advertising ROI with Scale Insights

seller: Convert more shoppers with “Buy with Prime”

New blog post! Use a single SP-API application to authorize multiple Vendor Central accounts

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seller: Get tips from peers on how to build successful Amazon Ads campaigns

seller: Find out how to enroll in Brand Registry at an Ask Amazon event on May 16

seller: Three new product listing attributes required in June

seller: Gain insights to price your products competitively

seller: Compare ASIN details with the new Search Query Details dashboard

UPDATE: Starting July 10th, 2023, the rate for the getItemOffersBatch operation within the Product Pricing API will be lowered

seller: Build your brand with Amazon Ads webinars

The Listings Items API is now available in the JP marketplace

New blog post! Overview of usage plans and rate limits

seller: Best practices for Amazon resellers

seller: Updated guidance on returns and refunds

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seller: Manage SAFE-T Claims on the Amazon Seller app

April 2023 SP-API Release Announcement

seller: Learn how to showcase your brand story and products with Premium A+ Content

seller: Learn how to set the right budget for your sponsored ads campaign

seller: This April register for free Amazon Ads webinars and grow your brand!

seller: Improve your B2B performance with insights and personalized recommendations

seller: Provide information for Directive on Administrative Cooperation compliance by October 1, 2023

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seller: Achieve Perfect Launch and protect your account from buyer abuse

seller: New tracking feature for Subscribe & Save now available

seller: New delivery window requirement for FBA shipments

seller: View your brand protections on the new Brand Registry Impact dashboard

Update to settlement report types in Singapore marketplace

seller: Gain selling insight from hardlines experts

Starting May 1, 2023, the rate for the getItemOffersBatch operation within the Product Pricing API will be lowered

March 2023 SP-API Release Announcement

Delete applications and revoke self-authorizations

February 2023 SP-API Release Announcement

Updates to the Brand Analytics Search Terms Report

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