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Amazon’s new Vendor “Brand Stores” to Replace "Brand Pages"

Amazon’s new Brand Page experiences allows vendors/sellers to create a unique selling experience and landing page!

As Amazon’s 3rd party merchant network continues to grow, its nice to see they also continue building tools for brands and vendors in their network!

In the early days it was an excellent experience to become an Amazon Vendor partner.

They were bleeding edge, and offer a huge opportunity for growth(they still do).

More recently Amazon has built a little bit of a thick skin and turned a corner knowing that they run the vertical. Its common for vendors to feel bullied or left in the dark because they cannot get a response from vendor managers, their catalog data is not being updated, their price corrections are not being accepted.

Today is a new day where Amazon is putting the vendor first and creating “brand pages” that specifically let brands create a unique experience on the Amazon site.

Demo Amazon Basics Store

react gif

A bonus was to see that Amazon is utilizing an interface framework created by Facebook, given the hostile environment around Facebook’s license choices for React and Open-Source.

Some basic FAQ about Amazon Stores can be found on their AMS site:

  • What are Amazon Stores? — With Amazon Stores, you can build a new shopping experience to showcase your brand and drive traffic to a unique Amazon web address. You can create multiple pages on your store for your product catalog, with mobile-friendly templates to add new products and tell a story about your brand.
  • Can I see a sample Amazon Store? — You can review a sample Amazon Store for the AmazonBasics brand at
  • Am I eligible for Amazon Stores? — If you are a vendor, you are automatically eligible for Amazon Stores.
  • Is there a charge to create an Amazon Store? — Creating an Amazon Store is free of charge to vendors.
  • How do I build and maintain an Amazon Store? — You can create your Amazon Store using Store Builder, Amazon’s self-service brand store builder. Amazon Store Builder is available through

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