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How to Remove Negative Reviews on Amazon

Spring Cleaning!

Amazon product listing pages are a representation of your overall Brand and help shoppers feel comfortable with their purchasing decisions. Spring 2020 has arrived and now is the perfect time to improve your product listings and increase sales potential by implementing new strategies. One key recommendation this year is to focus on targeting for removal the negative customer reviews with a ‘full-court’ press approach.

Addressing and removing negative product reviews help to increase sales and page rankings on Amazon search results. To get started removing reviews, it should take about 10 minutes or less following the steps below combined with Free Customer Review Removal Request template at end of this article to assist with sending out removal requests.

Say you are browsing through your catalog and spot a wild negative review…

How to Remove Negative Reviews from Amazon

The first two factors to look at when considering feasibility of review removal is if the review clearly violates Amazon Customer Review Guidelines. Secondly, look for reviews clearly promoting another brand or product or reviews which have nothing to do with the existing product.

To Remove Negative Customer Reviews

  1. Report Abuse by clicking with the “Report Abuse” button under the product review. You may get receive secondary window asking you to confirm, accept the prompt and close window. When you have completed this step, this is the time to drop a quick email or Instant message to your colleagues and ask them to join in on the fun! Have your team report pages as the greater number of reports provides higher chance of removal.

    Remove Negative Reviews Step 1

  2. Grab the Permalink to the customer review. To obtain permalink first click-through the customer review description and once at the screen below, Right-Click & Copy Link Address.

    Remove Negative Reviews Step 2

  3. Write a Request to Amazon Community Support by emailing @ Using the Permalink link we copied, include this in the e-mail you send so they can quickly view.

And that is it! Consistency and persistence with Amazon are key in this exercise and if you are taking this effort you are already doing more than many of your competitors!

Free Customer Review Removal Request template

Subject: Customer Review Removal

Hi Amazon,
Please remove referenced customer-review from detail page for item below.
The reasoning is this product-review appears unrelated to the actual product.
In this case customer review is out of our control and not related to product.

For this reason, please remove this review.

Permalink: (Replace below with the copied permalink)

customer review removal

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