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Amazon spends BIG on Rivet

RIVET initially launched Fall of 2017, but the followup is BIGGER

When Amazon launches brands, it does not go un-noticed.


Because they understand how to launch!

2010 seems to be the turning point where DNVBs starting launching for every given category.

Amazon’s first launch was long ago, but it has come ubiquitous in the media world.

Do you remember what a KINDLE is?

Now RIVET is trying to do the same thing with Furniture!

The Promotion

Here we can see 3 unique things that are happening which most brands cannot afford!

  1. The Top Bar Branding. That type of placement is easily worth a cool million. The global store team does not give that space away easily.
  2. The Detail Page Banner. This placement is also very expensive, but much more attainable for brands that are offering a huge assortment launch, or assortment discounting. A single item launch cannot get this spacing.
  3. The Free Product Swatches. I have yet to see these being offered, so we’re reaching out right now to figure out how it can be attained. I would think all paint brands and cloth furniture companies would want to get on this ASAP.

The Detail Page

Its worth noting that Amazon is following the Vendor Product Launch Guide down to the last detail.

  • it starts with a high-quality product!
  • displaying beautiful photos, at least 3, optimally 5
  • display a single video that captures the product (and optionally Brand Essence)
  • launch the product with Vine Reviews (Recommend $2000 dollars worth of product. If your item is$200/each then give away 10)
  • Create proper Variation Widgets with the product assortment. Have colors? USE SWATCHES! Have sizes? USE SIZE VARIANTS.

The world is flat, and the underlying furniture is no different than what you can get from other manufacturers in the world.

But they are clearly succeeding at the highest quality MARKETING of any furniture line on the Internet.

Amazon has realized that branding is not rocket science.

Its a process of providing quality products at fair prices, with simple and catchy branding.

They’re making a couch look like an Apple product.

It also fits their model of focusing on higher price-point categories. (purchasing WholeFoods fits the model.)

Which leads me to my next article where i’ll explain why Amazon will NOT be buying Target anytime soon…

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