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Is Amazon offering your Products Internationally without Permission?

“Amazon is selling my Products. They are being Offered Internationally without my Permission”

Does this situation sound familiar? As your employees are running the business and attending to standard duties, they receive a complaint from an Amazon customer:

“I purchased this item in Canada, but this item does not work with my outlet. Why wasn’t this listed?”

What are the next steps? What should you tell the customer? How can this be avoided in future? Read below to find out more.

About Amazon Global Fulfillment and North America Selection Policy

This program quietly launched last year enabling Amazon to make products available throughout North America (Canada, Mexico).

In some cases, items will also expand into European marketplaces. Previously items were made available only for customers living within the United States.

This changes the game for international customers. Shoppers may now order the same products listed on Amazon US website within their countries Amazon marketplace – all Ships and Sold by Amazon USA.

Amazon’s Global Selection Policy: What Does it mean for Amazon Business?

Also known as NAFN, NASP, North American Fulfillment Network. The new Amazon Global Selection Policy potentially means your business can save money by reducing the resources used to pick, pack and ship International purchase orders for Canada and Mexico.

Amazon will source items they are already purchasing from you in the US and make available to customers shopping their international marketplaces.

Transitioning to this program equals increased order sizes, reduced handling, less paperwork, less hassle! Amazon handles import, duties, shipping from NAFN into each respective International site.

Amazon North American Marketplaces


Amazon Global Marketplaces


How do vendors get in this program?

Currently, this is an invite-only program and you must have a direct relationship with Amazon.

How we Helped Our Customer in the Case Study:

In this case we recommended to this vendor they should continue allowing the item to be sold throughout North America.

Reasoning was the item was compatible with necessary adapters (purchased separately).

To help prevent future confusion we executed an education campaign, which was necessary to inform customers of product compatibility/facilitating use in foreign countries outside U.S. We completed improvements and provided clarification for customers operating the unit outside of U.S.

This included detailed ad-copy spec regarding amperage, voltage, proper accessories, and electrical plug configurations.

Finding More questions than Answers? Need More Help?

If you are finding yourself unsure and need some advice on next steps, Schedule a phone call with us and we would be happy to speak with you and provide actionable feedback to get you started and pointed in the right direction.

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