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Top 3 ways to increase eCommerce Customer Experience (CX)

Leveraging Amazon to improve Customer Experience

What Does this mean for customers and your Amazon Business?

This is not the first time we have written about improving customer experience and it certainly won’t be the last.

Our top three suggestions can be applied to any channel, but we are specifically talking about Amazon.

Grab a pen and notepad to write down thoughts or visions how you can improve customer experiences as you work your way through this three-point article discussing and laying out the Top 3 Ways to increase eCommerce customer experience with your product and brand.

Top 3 Ways to Improve eCommerce (CX) Customer Experience:

  1. Ensure high-quality content for customers
  2. Create Best-in-Class Brand Experience
  3. Educate customers on relevant products in assortment

Create high-quality Content for Customers

Provide high-grade content, expect high-grade results!

This may be a no-brainer but cannot be stressed enough.

Content is #1 for online customers.

If your content is good, you may quickly notice others starting to copy what you have entered and using for their own.

We like to focus mainly on high-quality images and videos because often people do not like to read descriptions and bullet points.

If your images are eye-catching and educational enough, you can expect the customer to scroll down a bit and read about your product details.

There are many vendors that do not understand this concept. Media and marketing copy must be high-quality, just as it expected for a physical product in a retail store.

Create a Best-in-Class Brand Experience

Just like you find in your favorite brick and mortar store, it is important to create a best-in-class customer experience whenever they are visiting your online brand.

For brick and mortar this is everything from lighting, product displays, end-cap placement, to the actual temperature of the store (e.g. warm, cool, neutral).

For eCommerce stores this may mean your website, customer reviews, multiple images, online ads, and product education campaign.

Do not leave your customers “guessing”.

Merchandisers agree: customers should be able to distinguish between value brands (e.g. Dollar Store) versus premium options.

Learn more about Brand Equity and elevating your brand presence



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Educate Customers on relevant Products within assortment:

Help to establish great customer experiences by making it a goal to educate your customers on the catalog assortment.

This is especially true for products within the same product family or category.

Based upon what the customer is currently viewing, you can educate shoppers about the product and its closely related items.

Think of it as basic customer service, not-only should you help customer locate and select the correct product, but also educate them for potential cross and up-sell opportunities.

What does this mean for customers and your Amazon Business?

Adopt the customer-first strategy for and create a consistently positive CX to keep your eCommerce customers returning and remembering your brand or product.

Our General Strategy:

  • List your entire catalog
  • For every product you list, List it Well (multiple images, variations, A+ when applicable)
  • Keep your items in stock!
  • Amazon not ordering? Launch on Dropship!
  • Amazon Retails out of Whack? Launch on SellerCentral!

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