Customer analytics, View in Your Room and Fit Insights announced at Accelerate

Amazon Accelerate’s Day 2 announcement introduces new tools and features designed to enhance your understanding of customer behavior, sentiment, and product visualization, ultimately empowering you to optimize your marketing efforts and strengthen your brand positioning. With the Customer Loyalty Analytics Dashboard, you’ll gain a snapshot of customer behavior and historical trends, enabling you to tailor your products, discounts, and communications to the right shoppers. The improved Customer Sentiment Insights tool provides comprehensive analytics on customer preferences, including sentiment derived from reviews and returns. The View in Your Room feature uses augmented reality to help customers visualize your product in their space, enhancing their purchase confidence. Lastly, Fit Insights leverages machine learning to analyze returns data, size charts, and customer feedback, helping you refine your product offering and reduce returns. These tools are invaluable in understanding your customer base, improving your product offerings, and ultimately driving your Amazon business growth.


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