Amazon DSP launches Contextual Targeting GA worldwide

Amazon DSP’s new Contextual Targeting feature is a game-changer, enabling advertisers to reach consumers based on real-time content consumption, without relying on user identity. This innovative approach allows you to engage with audiences who are already in a mindset aligned with the content they’re consuming, opening up new avenues to previously unreachable audiences on systems and browsers like iOS, Firefox, or Safari. Plus, it’s future-proof, not requiring the use of user identifiers. Imagine the potential growth for your brand as you tap into Amazon’s retail taxonomy of over 40K product categories, selecting specific Amazon Products or Categories, and expressing the type of content where you want your ads shown. This is not just about advertising, it’s about strategically positioning your brand at the right moment in the customer’s purchasing journey. Let’s leverage this to maximize your brand’s visibility and conversion rates!


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