Sponsored Brands video introduces video-only creatives on the advertising console and Amazon Ads API

The introduction of video-only creatives in the advertising console and Amazon Ads API is a game-changer, allowing advertisers to drive shoppers directly to their Amazon Store with a compelling brand story. This is a golden opportunity to elevate your brand’s visibility and voice on Amazon, without necessarily tying your campaign to a specific product or collection.

Imagine the possibilities! You can now optimize video campaigns for your brand’s share of voice, setting performance-based goals for brand-building purposes. Plus, you have the flexibility to edit live campaigns without the need to start from scratch. This is a powerful tool to enhance your brand’s impression share and engage customers in a more dynamic and immersive way.

We can guide you through this new landscape, helping you create compelling video-only creatives that resonate with your target audience and drive them to your Amazon Store. Let’s seize this opportunity to tell your brand’s story like never before, and make your mark in the Amazon marketplace.


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