Amazon Marketing Cloud now supports offline sales insights

The Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) has launched a new feature, NCS CPG Insights Stream, that provides insights into offline sales, enabling advertisers to measure the impact of their advertising on offline sales, understand cross-channel purchasing journeys, and discern audiences with different purchasing patterns online and offline. This is a game-changer for Amazon vendors and sellers, as it allows you to bridge the gap between online advertising and offline sales.

Imagine being able to track the impact of your online ads on offline sales, or understanding your brand’s household penetration based on offline sales. This is the kind of data that can help you optimize your media tactics, adjust your budgets, and ultimately drive growth.

And the best part? We’re here to help you navigate this new feature and make the most of these insights. Whether you need help subscribing to the NCS CPG Insights Stream, integrating these transaction signals into your AMC instance, or interpreting the data to generate actionable insights, we’ve got you covered. Let’s leverage this new feature to take your Amazon business to the next level!


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